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The Church of Jesus Christ is rooted in the truth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture. It represents the kingdom of Jesus Christ as He established it here on earth; restored in glory for mankind with the same gifts, ordinances, structure and faith. The Church serves humbly as a gateway through which God’s spirit can be shared with the world. It is a spiritual home for people across the globe and a conduit for God’s blessings and miracles.


  • The Sunday School Answer

    Written by Sister Zarella Mosqueda, on Thursday, April 27, 2017., Posted in Devotional

    Q: This struggle is truly tough to deal with; what can I do to overcome it?

    A: Just pray about it

    Q: I’ve felt so lonely and depressed; how long will I feel like this?

    A: God never leaves you alone.

    Have you ever found yourself on the giving or receiving end of “Sunday school answers"?

  • Passing the Torch (Mosiah 1)

    Written by Brother Jerry Valenti, on Wednesday, April 26, 2017., Posted in Scripture Study

    One of the traditions associated with the Olympic games is that a torch is carried from the ancient site of Olympia in Greece (where the Olympic Games were originally held in ancient times) to whatever city in whatever country the Olympics are taking place that particular year.

    Needless to say, the journey, which can encompass thousands of miles and even cross continents, is way more than a single person can accomplish. So, there are designated points where the torch bearer passes the torch to another person who then continues the journey with the process continuing until the journey ends with the torch being placed at the site of the games.