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The Church of Jesus Christ is rooted in the truth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture. It represents the kingdom of Jesus Christ as He established it here on earth; restored in glory for mankind with the same gifts, ordinances, structure and faith. The Church serves humbly as a gateway through which God’s spirit can be shared with the world. It is a spiritual home for people across the globe and a conduit for God’s blessings and miracles.


  • Spread the Good Word: 2 Nephi 2:24

    Written by GospelBlog, on Friday, June 23, 2017., Posted in The Good Word




    Most of us have questioned God at some point. I bet the odds are good that most of us question God every day! 

  • Just Desserts

    Written by Sister Michelle Watson, on Thursday, June 22, 2017., Posted in Devotional

    This article is Part 3 of Sister Michelle Watson's series "Dealing With Divine Delays."

    Everyone knows that there are certain spiritual gifts you can't earn. For example, you can't merit more of God's love by being an A+ Christian. You also can't get into heaven by impressing God with all of the good deeds you performed in life. As a young woman in my late 20s and early 30s, I knew this.

    But ... I still kind of wanted to believe that if I was a really, really good girl and did everything I was supposed to, then God would reward me for my faithfulness and give me everything I asked for.

    Realizing the error of this mindset took me a long time, and it was a hard thump when I hit the ground.