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  • Restored in Truth. Guided by the Spirit.
  • Restored in Truth. Guided by the Spirit.

Your Spiritual Home for a Faith-Centered Life

The Church of Jesus Christ is rooted in the truth of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s vision for mankind as communicated through scripture. It represents the kingdom of Jesus Christ as He established it here on earth; restored in glory for mankind with the same gifts, ordinances, structure and faith. The Church serves humbly as a gateway through which God’s spirit can be shared with the world. It is a spiritual home for people across the globe and a conduit for God’s blessings and miracles.


  • Roadside Showstopper

    Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Thursday, July 24, 2014. Posted in Special Series

    My husband, Michael, and I were driving along the CA-1 coastal highway on our way to Big Sur when I piped up, "Oh! The sunset! Let's stop and watch it."

    Michael pulled the car to the side of the road, which was bordering a picturesque craggy cliff with waves crashing at the bottom and the whole bit. We sat on the grassy ledge to watch the show.

    And we weren't alone.

    There were maybe a half-dozen other carloads of folks who stopped to witness the sun as it did its graceful dip.

  • Holy Hurricanes

    Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Posted in Special Series

    When I chose "hurricanes" as my topic for this series, I had no idea what I could really say. So I started doing some research, watching videos of recent hurricanes and the damage that they've left behind.

    Although watching the actual storm was a little awe-inspiring because of how amazingly frightening they are, what I found most interesting was the destruction after the storm.